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Bespoke / Other Training

Advanced or Application Specific Training

Optimised Engineering can provide bespoke training based around customer requirements. Using the analysis software on a day-to-day basis has given us a deep understanding of its use in many projects.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: As required

Basic Principles of Stress and Strain

With FEA systems entering the mainstream, stress analysis is increasingly aimed at the designer or draftsman, increasing the danger of performing analysis without sufficient understanding of the underlying theory. Optimised Engineering has developed a one day course specifically designed as an introduction or refresher to the basic concepts of static systems and stress analysis.

  • Understanding forces, reactions, equilibrium and free body diagrams

  • Components of stress (3 normal, 6 shear), strain, poisson's ratio, stress and strain relationship, modulus of elasticity, stress concentration

  • Beams - basic bending theory, shear and moment diagrams, second moment of area, beam stress

  • Shafts - the torsion equation, thick and thin cylinders

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Complex stress - Mohr's circle, principal stresses, maximum shear stress

  • Material failure theory - ductile/brittle (Von Mises yield criterion), fatigue

  • Geometric failure - buckling

  • Design of mechanical components - keys, pins, shafts

  • The use of standard texts (e.g. Roarks formulas for Stress and Strain etc.)

Prerequisites: None​

Duration: 1 Day

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