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Simcenter 3D / NX CAE Training

Simcenter 3D Pre/Post Fundamentals

Main topics:

  • Model preperation

  • Mesh generation and manipulation

  • Boundary conditions

  • FEA model checking and solving

  • Post‐processing the results

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of structures

​Duration: 3-days

Simcenter 3D Pre/Post Advanced


Main topics:

  • Bolt modelling and preload

  • Connecting meshes

  • Morphing a mesh

  • Defining contact and glue

  • Analysing large assemblies

  • Customising results

  • Nonlinear static analysis

Prerequisites: Simcenter 3D Pre/Post Fundamentals or equivalent

Duration 2-days

Advanced Simcenter 3D Training

Advanced training can be delivered on:

  • Durability

  • Advanced non-linear

  • Advanced dynamic analysis

  • Thermal and flow analysis

  • Advanced thermal and flow analysis

  • Motion

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