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Working Model 2D


Working Model is the best selling motion simulation product in the world. Confirm your design with powerful analytical tools.

  • Import 2D CAD drawings in DXF format, or create bodies in WM2D interface

  • Specify mass properties, initial velocity, electrostatic charge, etc.

  • Design linkages with pin joints, slots, motors, springs, and dampers

  • Simulate contact, collisions, and friction

  • Analyse structures with flexible beams and shear and bending moment diagrams

  • Measure force, torque, acceleration, etc. acting on any object – tabular/graphical output

  • Run, single step, or reset the simulation at any time

  • Input values from equations, sliders and DDE links to MATLAB and Excel

  • Simulate non-linear or user events using a built-in formula language

  • Run or edit scripts to optimise simulations, document models, and more

  • Versatile virtual prototyping reduces need for physical prototyping – rapid return on investment

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